Spectral Instrument System

Quantum Sensing from ID Quantique

Reliable and easy-to-use Swiss-made quantum sensing solutions for applications in academia and industry.


Superconducting Nanowire Single-Photon Detectors


ID281 Superconducting Nanowire

Turnkey multi-channel solution with high detection efficiency detectors and timing electronics.


  • High system detection efficiency: up to 90%
  • Low time jitter
  • Short recovery time and latch-free operation
  • Up to 16 built-in detectors



InGaAs/InP single-photon avalanche diodes (III-V SPADs)


ID Qube NIR Gated

Compact & cost-effective module for synchronous single-photon detection at telecom wavelengths.


  • Fast gated (up to 100 MHz) & free-running
  • 25% quantum efficiency
  • Low dark count rate <800 Hz
  • 150 ps timing resolution



ID Qube NIR Free-Running

Compact & cost-effective module for asynchronous single-photon detection at telecom wavelengths.


  • Free-running
  • 20% quantum efficiency
  • Low dark count rate <800 Hz
  • 150 ps timing resolution


ID230 Infrared Single-Photon Detector

Free-running InGaAs/InP photon counter with extremely low dark count


  • Free-running
  • 25% quantum efficiency
  • Low dark count rate: 50 Hz
  • 150 ps timing resolution



Silicon single-photon avalanche diodes (Si SPADs)


ID100 Visible Single-Photon Detector

High timing resolution and low dark count rate.


  • Free-running
  • 35% quantum efficiency
  • Low dark count rate <7 Hz
  • 40 ps timing resolution


ID101 OEM Visible Photon Counter

Miniature photon counter for OEM applications.


  • OEM free-running
  • 35% quantum efficiency
  • Compact and reliable
  • Cost efficient



ID120 Visible Single-Photon Detector

High quantum efficiency at 800nm large active area 500μm.


  • Free-running
  • 80% quantum efficiency
  • 500 μm active area
  • Adjustable settings



Timing Devices


ID900 Time Controller Series

Time-tagging, delay and pattern generation.


  • Timestamping and histogramming
  • Delay generation with multi-hit ability
  • Pattern generation
  • 1 GHz counters


Light Sources


ID 3000 Series – Picosecond Lasers


Compact, easy to use and versatile picosecond-pulsed sources of telecom-band, NIR, visible and UV laser photons


  • On-demand laser pulses, continuously tuneable up to 40 MHz
  • Ultrafast laser pulses (typically below 30 ps, at least < 50 ps)
  • Ultra-low timing jitter < 4 ps rms
  • Operating in a range of wavelengths, from UV to the telecom C-band