Spectral Instrument System


SIS offers a wide range of optical components that includes: Mirrors, Laser Windows, Lenses, Wave Plates, Mirrors, Prisms, Polarising Optics, UV and IR Optics, Optical Filters. Complete assortment of optical components enables to find solution for various laser applications.



Dielectric and Metallic Laser Mirrors for Fixed, Narrowband or Broadband wavelength applications covering UV-IR. Wide range of Round, Customized Shapes as well as Plano, Spherical, Cylindrical Surfaces Mirrors and Substrates are available. 

  • Substrate for Laser Mirrors
  • Elliptical Substrate for Laser Mirrors
  • Laser Line Mirrors
  • Dual Laser Line Mirrors
  • Broadband Laser Mirrors
  • Dichroic Mirrors
  • Metal Coated Flat Round/Rectangular/Spherical Mirrors
  • Aluminum/Silver/Gold Protected Mirrors
  • BK7/UVFS/IRFS/Infrasil/Calcium/Magnesium Fluoride Dichroic Mirrors


Laser Windows

Wide selection of Laser Windows made from high quality UV FS, BK7 optical material. Round (Dia from 12.5-76.5mm, Thickness from 2-6mm) and Rectangular (from 15x20 to 50, 8x50x8mm, Thickness from 3-156mm) Laser Windows can be found in product catalogue, other custom sizes are available under request.

  • Round/Rectangualr windows
  • Precision Thin Round Windows
  • Precision Round/Rectangular Windows
  • Optical Flats



Plano-convex, Plano-concave, Bi-convex, Bi-concave, Plano-convex cylindrical, Plano-concave cylindrical lenses made of BK7, UVFS or CaF2 optical material. Focal lengths vary from 1000 to 5000mm.

  • Plano-Convex Lens (Materials BK7/UVFS/CaF2)
  • Bi-Convex Lens (BK7/UFVS)
  • Plano Concave Lens
  • Biconcave Lens
  • Conical Lenses (Axicones)
  • Plano Conave/ConvecCylindrical Lenses
  • BK7/UVFS Series Lens Kit


Optical Filters

Include Color Glass filters, Neutral Density absorption type filters, Crystalline Materials for UV Bandpass Filters.

  • Crystallline material for optical UV band pass filters
  • ND Reflective type filters at 400-2000nm
  • ND Absorption type filters at 450-650nm
  • Color Glass Filters


Optical Prism

Wedge prisms, laser dispersing prisms, pellin broca prisms, right angle optical prisms, corner cubes, Non-polarizing, fixed ratio cube beam splitters made of BK7, UV FS, SF6 or SF11 optical material.

  • Standard wedge prism
  • Laser dispersing prisms
  • Pellin-broca prisms
  • Right angle prisms
  • Corner cubes, Poro Prism, Dove Prism
  • Non-polarizing cube beam splitters
  • Fixed ratio cube beam splitters


Polarizing Optics

Complete selection of components that modify the state of polarization of optical radiation. Polarizing optics includes: brewster windows, polarization plane rotators, round or rectangular thin film laser polarizers that are coated for particular laser application. Cube polarizing beam splitters, glan-taylor polarizing prisms, wollaston and rochon polarizing prisms are available. Wide selection of quartz retardation plates, including: zero order optically contacted and air-spaced wave plates, achromatic air-space wave plate, zero order dual wavelength wave plate, low order and multiple order wave plates.

  • Brewster windows
  • Round thin film laser polarizers
  • Rectangular thin film laser polarizers
  • Cube polarizing beam splitters
  • Natural calcite glan laser polarizing prisms
  • α-BBO glan laser polarizing prisms
  • Wollaston prisms, rochon polarizing prisms
  • Zero order optically contacted wave plates
  • Zero order air-sapced wave plates
  • Achromatic air-sapced wave plates
  • Zero order dual wavelength  wave plates
  • Low order wave plates
  • Multiple order wave plates
  • Multiple order dual wavelength wave plates
  • Polarization plane rotators
  • Frensel rhombs


UV & IR Optics

Substrates and finished optical components such as windows, lenses, mirrors manufactured from lithium fluoride (LiF), magnesium fluoride (MgF2), calcium fluoride (CaF2), barium fluoride (BaF2), sapphire (Al2O3), zinc selenide (ZnSe), germanium (Ge) for UV and IR applications.

  • LiF/ MgF2/CaF2 components
  • BaF2 lneses
  • BaF2 windows
  • Sapphire (Al2O3) components
  • ZnSe lenses/windows
  • Germanium components
  • Copper mirrors
  • Silicon mirrors


F-Theta Lenses

  • The F-Theta Lens is designed to provide a flat field on the image plane for scanning and engraving applications where a high power laser and set of rotating mirrors are used to scan across a given field.


Femtoline Optics

  • Femtoline Components including: mirrors, lens kits, laser dispersing prisms, polarizing optics, laser and nonlinear crystals for fundamental wavelengths of Ti:Sapphire and Yb:KGW/KYW lasers and their doubled, tripled or quadrupled frequencies.


Beam expander

  • Galilean type, compact or zoom beam expanders for 1064 nm, 532 nm and 355 nm wavelengths. F-Theta lens for scanning and engraving applications for 1064 nm, 532 nm wavelengths. Special form lens used to distribute energy of Gaussian beam to Top Hat profile - Gauss-to-Top Hat Beam Shaping Lens.
  • Zoom Beam Expanders: Compact Galilean type zoom beam expanders for Nd:YAG lasers fundamental and its harmonics wavelength: 1064nm, 532nm and 355nm.
  • Compact Beam Expanders: A laser beam expander is designed to increase the diameter of a collimated input beam to a larger collimated output beam.



Technical capabilities of Fabry-Perot Etalons: -

  • Air-spaces (ASE) and Solid Etalons (including deposited etalons)
  • Plate Material: Fused Silica
  • Spacer Material: Low thermal expansion materials – Schott Zrodur® or Corning ULE®
  • 2mm – 100mm diameter clear aperture
  • FSR 2.5GHz to 30,000GHz (ASE)
  • Solid thickness 20µm – 70mm
  • >λ/200 matched plate flatness @ 633nm
  •  >λ/100 parallelism @ 633nm
  • Thin film coatings 193nm – 2000nm
  • Option of hermetically sealed cavities

Capabilities of Solid Etalons: -

  • More compact
  • Can be temperature tuned
  • More rugged, unless free spectral range value is very high