Spectral Instrument System


SIS offers the following range of Fiber Optic Components: -


Digital Tunable Attenuator

  • We offer a compact, rugged and low cost digital attenuator with high resolution, high speed, high attenuation range and high power handling (blocking technique only).


Digital Tunable Filter

  • This consists of a collimating optical assembly, an adjustable narrow band pass filter, and a focusing optical assembly to collect the light again. Tunable filters are available in three versions - a manually adjustable version, a motor driven version for OEM applications, and a digital version.


Digital Variable Reflector

  • Digital Variable Reflector enables the user to generate a known level of return loss to evaluate system response. The unit allows testing the return loss sensitivity of devices such as laser diodes, transmitters, isolators and so on.


Optical Coupler

  • Multimode optical fiber couplers are widely used in optical local networks or FTTx networks that use multimode fibers. These couplers can be fabricated using 50/125 or 62.5/125 micron fibers and at central wavelengths of 850nm or 1310n.
  • Single mode wideband couplers have 80nm bandwidth, compared to 40nm of standard single mode couplers. This product has very low excess loss and high temperature stability. 


WDM Coupler

  • We provide WDM couplers or multiplexers for special wavelengths. These optical couplers are manufactured using fused fiber technique. They combine and split signals at 1064nm and 1550nm, or 1550nm and 1625nm, with low insertion loss, polarization insensitive, high reliability and high isolation. Other available wavelengths include 980/1310nm, 1064/1310nm WDM couplers.


Collimators & Focusers - Receptacle Style

  • We offer a complete line of fiber collimators and focusers with low back reflection, designed to collimate or focus light exiting a fiber to a desired beam diameter or spot size.


Collimators & Focusers - Pigtail Style

  • We offer a complete line of fiber collimators and focusers with low back reflection, designed to collimate or focus light exiting a fiber to a desired beam diameter or spot size.



  • Optical circulators typically have three ports: an input, a common port and an output. The light from input port is guided out at the common port, while the light fed in from the common port can only emit from the output port. Optical circulators can be used to separate the light transmitted in opposite directions inside a single optical fiber.


Fiber Grating

The Bragg gratings can be customized on:

  • Center wavelength: 1530~1560nm
  • 3dB bandwidth range: 0.1~0.5nm (value as requested by customer)
  • Center wavelength accuracy: +/-0.3nm
  • Reflectivity: 0.05~0.95
    Insertion loss: 0.1~0.2dB


Polarizer Maintaining Patchcords

  • Polarization Maintaining (PM) patchcords are based on a high precision butt-style connection technique. The PM axis orientation is maintained by using male connectors with a positioning key and a bulkhead female receptacle with a tightly tolerance keyway, ensuring good repeatability in extinction ratios and insertion losses.


High Power Fiber Optic Patchcord

  • Different fiber endface finishes available for higher power applications
  • Able to withstand temperatures up to 500°C
  • Compatible with SMA905 and FC connectors
  • Multimode, singlemode, and polarization maintaining fiber types
  • Operating wavelengths from 200nm to 2000nm
  • Two micron to 1500 micron diameter core sizes


High Power Free Space & Fiber Pigtailed Isolators

  • Isolators are optical devices that allow light to be transmitted in one direction only. They are most often used to prevent any reflected light from entering the source, thus preventing any feedback problems, such as frequency instability, relaxation oscillations, amplified stimulated emissions, or optical damage from occurring.
    • Wavelength Range: 1050 -1080nm
    • Reliable high power handling: As much as 80Watts
    • High Isolation, up to 50dB isolation possible from a single stage


High Power Laser to Fiber Couplers with Temperature Controller

  • Available Wavelengths: 180 - 2000nm
  • Power Handling: Up to 5 Watts CW for SM applications
  • Over 100 Watts CW for MM Applications


High Power Pulsed Fiber Sources

  • Pulsed Fiber Sources (PFS) are a series of compact turnkey systems or OEM modules based on a highly reliable master oscillator/power amplifier (MOPA) design, to deliver multi-kilowatt level peak powers with average output powers of up to 1W.
    • Peak powers up to 10 kW
    • Average output power from 20 mW to 1W
    • Output wavelengths of 1064, 1085, or 1550nm
    • Adjustable pulse durations, repetition rates
    • Gaussian beam profiles


Hand Held Optical Power Meter

  • A high-resolution optical power meter with a wide dynamic range covering a broad spectrum of wavelengths.
    • Hand held optical power meter with InGaAs Detector & battery for wavelength range 800-1650nm. Measurement range -75-10dBm. Measures in watt/dBm/dB.
    • Hand held optical power meter with Silicon Detector & rechargeable battery for wavelength range 440-900nm. Measurement range -65dBm. Measures in watt/dBm/dB.


Optical Fiber Fusion Splicer

  • Our Fiber Fusion Splicer is a reliable single fiber fusion splicer. It has automatic or manual splicing mode, fast splicing (8 second), large color LCD display, large internal battery, communication port, and multiple display language option.
    • Fiber Type: SM, MM, DS, NZ-DS, EDF
    • Cladding Diameter: 100-150um
    • Coating Diameter: 100-1000um
    • Fiber Cleave Length: 8-22mm


Optical Fiber Cleaver

  • This product is a standard high precision single mode fiber cleaver. It can be used to cleave the bare fiber to 90±0.5° cleaving surface. This cleaver is used together with optical fiber fusion splicer.


Optical Time Domain Reflector

  • This portable OTDR is designed for maintenance and troubleshooting of optical fiber networks and transmission systems. It has an internet interface that enables communication with remote computers. It can be controlled remotely for measurement.


Fiber Optic Educational Kit

  • Fiber Optics Educational Kit is designed to teach technicians, engineers and students the fundamentals of fiber optics. The introduction level kit consists of 5 standard labs:
    • How to couple light into a fiber from a source.
    • How to measure the numerical aperture of a fiber.
    • How to collimate and focus the fiber output.
    • How to measure insertion losses.
    • How to attenuate light in fibers.