Spectral Instrument System


Photon Counting

When it comes to choosing a photon counting module, the most important factor to consider is the wavelength of your application. For your desired wavelength, you should then consider whether a gated or free-running single photon detector is most appropriate.


Single Photon Detector – Visible Range 350-900nm


  • ID100 VIS Best Dark Count Rate
    • Silicon Avalanche Photodiode, Free-Running
    • 40ps Timing Resolution, Low Dark Count Rate <2Hz
    • 35% Quantum Efficiency, Highly Reliable


  • ID 110 VIS 100MHz Photon Detector
    • Silicon Avalanche Photodiode, Free-Running & Gated
    • Adjustable Deadtime, 200ps Timing Resolution
    • Low Dark Count Rate <2Hz, 25% Quantum Efficiency


  • ID120 VIS Highest Quantum Efficiency (350-1000nm)
    • Silicon Avalanche Photodiode, Free-Running
    • 85% Quantum Efficiency, 200Hz Dark Count Rate
    • 500um Active Area, Integrated Counter


  • ID150 VIS 8 Channel SPAD
    • Silicon Avalanche Photodiode, Free-Running
    • 1 x 8 Linear Array, 8 Independent Outputs
    • 40 x 40um Pixels, No Crosstalk


Single Photon Detector – NIR Range 900-1700nm


  • ID230 NIR Best Dark Count Rate (<50Hz)
    • InGaAs/InP APD, Free Running
    • 25% Quantum Efficiency, 200ps Timing Resolution
    • Single mode or multimode fiber connection


  • ID210 NIR 100MHz Gated Detector
    • InGaAs/InP APD, Gated & Free Running
    • 100MHz Trigger Rate, Lowest Dark Count Rate
    • 30% Quantum Efficiency, Most Versatile Device


  • ID220 NIR Free-Running SPAD
    • InGaAs/InP APD, Free Running
    • Low Dark Count Rate, 20% Quantum Efficiency
    • 250ps Timing Resolution, Adjustable Deadtime


  • ID280 Superconducting Nanowire
    • NbN or NbTiN Detectors, 600-1700nm
    • Free Running, Best Quantum Efficiency
    • Dark Count Rate below 100Hz
    • High Performance 2t 2.3K, 70ps Timing Resolution




  • CLAVIS3 QKD Platform for R & D
    • Secure Key Exchange Upto 100km
    • High Speed Key Generation
    • Coherent One-way (COW) Protocol
    • Fully Implemented, H/W Based Key Distillation Protocol


  • ID801 Time to Digital Converter
    • TDC, 8 Channels, Time Tagging Device
    • 81ps Timing Resoultion, Coincidence Counter
    • Time Interval Analysis, Software Included


  • ID350 PPLN Photon Pair Source
    • PPLN, 775-1500nm, Pulsed & CW
    • Type 0 SPDC 775-1550nm, Type 0 SPDC 780-1560nm
    • 5nm Temp. Tuning Range, SHG Con. Efiicinecy ~25%/W


  • ID300 1550nm Laser Source
    • DFB Laser, 1550nm, 300ps Laser Pulses
    • 0 to 500MHz Repetition Rate, FC/PC Connector
    • Compact & Reliable, External Input Trigger